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Premium Appliance Repair in Edmonton has come to my rescue on more than one occasion, but this last time was for my dishwasher that decided to leak all over the floor while I had company over. Within a few minutes after my call I had a technician at my home repairing the seal on my dishwasher to get it back up and running again. Thanks again guys so glad I found an appliance repair company who actually answers the phone no matter when I call.

Henry Burns

I was having a large party for my best friends baby shower and my oven stopped working, I was completely stressed out and I called Premium Edmonton appliance repair within a few minutes I had a repairman at my home working on my oven. Turns out my pilot was malfunctioning and not lighting it only took a few minutes and the technician fixed it so I was able to cook all the food for the party before the guest showed up. Thank you again for your extraordinary customer services!

Delilah Anderson

Oh the joys of owning a home, came home after a long weekend away to a refrigerator that had died. All the food was spoiled and the freezer leaked all over the floor. I called Edmonton appliance repair and they sent a technician right out. He explained that the motor had shorted out and he would be able to repair it with no worries. Thankfully I called them on the advice of a friend rather than just going out to buy a new one. For less than 1/3 of the cost of a new fridge the guy fixed mine and was finished before I even unpacked my bags. I had to of course purchase all new food but even with the spoil it still cost less than a new appliance. Stellar service I will definitely recommend!

Paul Jones

The other night I was trying to wash my new outfit for my job interview the next day, I put my clothes into the dryer and went to sleep. When I woke up my clothes were still soaking wet, I called Premium Appliance Repair Edmonton and they sent a technician right out. He fixed my dryer and cleaned the vents so this would not happen again so quickly I was able to dry my clothes and still make the interview. So thankful they offered emergency dryer repairs so I was able to make it on time to the interview and I got the job. Cannot express my gratitude enough!

Jessica O’Neil


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